Sunday, August 14, 2016


     I felt compelled today to write to girls and women about just how worthy they are. We tend to forget how beautiful we are and I feel that women, now more than ever, feel that they need reassurance to remember just how beautiful they really are. This is your reassurance ladies.

     Remember back to when you were a child and people were in awe over you. Everyone wanted to hold you because you were delicate and precious and new. People gathered to cherish your life and admire what a wonderful new being you were. But, as you grew that infatuation started to fade and you became aware of this fact. You started to feel as if you weren't new anymore and weren't wanted anymore because of the lack of attention you brought to yourself. It was an involuntary action to be wanted back then. But now you're stuck thinking, what if no one ever thinks I am as worthy as I was back then?

     The good news is that you are so wrong. The good news is that there is a God so loving and so infatuated with you and who you are becoming. He knew this was going to happen to you. He knew you would start to feel insecure and hopeless and lonely. But he also knew that you would come back and turn to Him and say God I know that you made me with a PURPOSE and with that in mind I know that I am WORTHY of greater things in life. He knew you would question your beauty but He also knew that you would read His word and realize that He created YOU in HIS image and that there is no higher compliment than that. He knew that someday when you were looking in the mirror and contemplating why God made you with wider hips than others or a bigger nose or red hair that you would wonder if anyone would ever think you were good enough for them. But, He also knew that you would read this and realize that YOU are GOOD enough for GOD and GOD is GREATER than all. You will read this and realize that His truth is all that really matters; not the media, not what some boy tells you, not what society wants to portray you as, only the facts of the gospel that are God breathed into our lives.

     Girls please memorize the truths of the gospel when they tell you that you are fearfully and wonderfully made. God had no fear when He made you. He was positively certain in every curve and edge of your body and personality. He never doubted you. He was never anxious about you. He was fearless, and now you are wonderful. All you have to do is believe it.

     Love you all.

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