Tuesday, November 1, 2016


     Tonight I look at my hand and see a black stamp that reads "HIS". The word His is a complex yet simple statement that we tend to disregard in our lives. Having this on my hand tonight really made me think about what it truly means to be His, or Gods.

     I sit in raider church and hear about our worth in God. This triggers me to think back to my previous blog about women and their worth in Christ. Some times I need to read my own blog back and realize that these words apply to me too. His, it says. But what does it really mean to be His? I think that tonight it was put upon my heart to explain what being His means to me and maybe even to you.

     Being His isn't the easy thing to be; just like being a Christian you will experience more tribulation leading to triumph than anyone else. Being His isn't the hip thing either. People don't understand the relationship and what it takes to uphold. Being His also means being imperfect. You are never going to make every right decision in every wrong situation. You're going to encounter faults and pain and wrongs that make you believe that maybe you shouldn't be His at all. But these mishaps don't make you any less His own. He knows you and everything you will do in your life. Whether the joys or the sorrows He still thinks of you as His own. Even hearing that myself makes me stop and remember that I am truly a child of God, made in His image, sent here by Him with a purpose that He has planned for ME. Yes, you. You are His.

    Being His means realizing that in whatever you do, you were designed to preform like Him. Realizing this is discovering that God touched you with a stamp of himself onto you just like the stamp I got on my hand tonight. With a purpose and meaning. It is remembering Him. It is believing that you are His own. It is trusting that He has it all figured out even when you don't. It is being grateful and merciful and every single quality that He posses and pursues for you to be.

    It is wisdom of the fact that you can't go through this life without Him.

     As I write tonight I glance at my hand every so often and get an overwhelming feeling of peace. I feel all of the joy God has planned for me and so many blessings to come. While looking at the word "His" placed on my hand I recognize that God is both mine just as I am His, and what better realization than that.

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